"Easy reading is damn hard writing."

 -- Nathaniel Hawthorne

        Excellent writing doesn't just happen. It takes many drafts to hone your ideas and develop your story. With more than 35 years of full-time professional editing and writing experience, I offer manuscript analyses to assess the strengths and needs of your project so you can take it to the finish line; writing coaching to help you start or finish your first draft if you're stuck; and developmental editing and ghostwriting to help you complete and polish the final product so it's ready to launch into the world. 

        I can help you move your brilliant ideas out of your head and onto the page. I can teach you how to write a page-turner. I can read the latest draft of your book and tell you what it needs before you shop it to agents. I can also guide you through the process of finding an agent, and I offer a full range of affordable design and self-publishing services.

        As a National Magazine Award-winning writer, a producer for public radio, a multimedia producer, coauthor of a textbook, and a YA novelist, I know what it's like to be edited. There are big differences among editors. How can you be sure if the editor you choose will be the right fit for your style and your project? Editorial expertise is important, but a good fit is someone who feels genuine enthusiasm for your work. That is why I only take on clients whose ideas inspire, delight, and resonate with me. If I feel excited about your project, I know I can help you.

        My areas of fiction expertise include YA, science fiction/fantasy, literature, and adventure. My nonfiction expertise includes  psychology, mental health, psychotherapy, family therapy, gender, women's issues, Buddhism, spirituality, diversity, economics, and civil discourse.

        I work with several exceptional literary agents, and I can also help you navigate the world of online publishing.  If we work together I will help you figure out the best path for your work and guide you through the process to launch your book into the world.

        Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Click here to contact me to discuss your project. I look forward to putting my versatile skills to work for you.

Best wishes,  


Laura Markowitz

Versatile: Capable of doing many things competently