"The authors are steadfast in their pursuit of objectivity. ... [E]ducators who are looking for a textbook that works hard to remain free of ideological bias will find this to be a solid choice. An evenhanded and informative economics textbook." – Kirkus Reviews
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Kirkus Reviews: "Was the Mayan prophecy about December 21, 2012, wrong or just late? In her YA sci-fi debut, Markowitz plumbs the depths of prophecy, conspiracy and teenage camaraderie to find out. ...Markowitz weaves threads of Mayan legend through a character-driven plot that cooks along without getting bogged down in minutia. She knows when to show detail and when to hold back. ...Markowitz keeps the teens believable and relatable. As in the real world, parents are both central and tangential to the teens' plans; parental presence or absence is an important consideration for nearly everyone, although it can sometimes gum up plans at a critical moment. After all, if the Rajathanis don't remember to regularly call home as they fight to prevent the coming apocalypse, they're going to be grounded for life. A page-turning adventure navigated by a winning team of teens."

Indie Reader: "An action-packed, cinematic work of Science Fiction ...Book of the Sky God offers much more than just an interesting, fast-paced page-turner; in the complex characters and themes, the young adult reader can learn more about what it means to be a teenager, why one should always appreciate what one has, and how to handle the many challenges life presents."

Readers' Favorite: "... Laura Markowitz is a talented author. She created and developed a plot that will keep readers eagerly turning the pages. What makes this book special is the way the teens are very human, facing problems that readers will easily relate to."

Indian Book Reviews: "...The book is a great read not just for young adults but anyone who enjoys science fiction, fantasy and mythology. The Book of the Sky God is the kind of book you'd want to read in a good summer vacation. But once you take up the book to read, don't ever think you can stop it midway. It is what you may call 'un-put-downable.' "
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My feature articles on psychology, relationships, Buddhism, family therapy, self-help, spirituality, and more have appeared in dozens of mainstream and indie magazines over the last three decades. Here are a few samples:

Swarthmore College Bulletin


by Laura Markowitz
Tristan Reader ’89 helped the O’odham community rediscover its traditional foods

     Tristan Reader ’89 knows a lot about a little bean called the tepary, the most drought-resistant and heat-tolerant legume on Earth. He discovered teparies in 1995, when he moved onto the Tohono O’odham Nation in southern Arizona and launched a community-based nonprofit, Tohono O’odham Community Action (TOCA), with O’odham basket weaver Terrol Dew Johnson.  (continue reading here)

Swarthmore College Bulletin


by Laura Markowitz
Move over Women's Studies -- there's  new way to think about gender and sexuality.

    When Women’s Studies was established as a field of academic inquiry 40 years ago, humans had a relatively simple, binary view of gender: One was either female or male. One’s sex was inextricably linked to one’s reproductive organs. True, hermaphrodites existed as a kind of murky in-between, but that was resolved by assigning them at birth to either the pink team or the blue team. (click photo to read more)